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Crispin’s is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. Head to the corner of 10th Avenue and 52nd street and discover a selection of classic Italian wines and cocktails. New York City is famous for its diversity in terms of culture, food, and drinks. You will find a number of bars across the city, but only some that will provide you a perfect mix of delicious food, ambiance, hospitality, and selection of drinks. Headed by chef Crispin, he has over 14 years of experience working for top restaurants in the city. He established Crispin’s with a simple motive – to provide every guest with the best of service and food. We have implemented several measures to ensure the safety and health of our employees and guests in the times of the coronavirus. Rest assured, we follow all the guidelines and precautions underlined by the department of health. Every surface is sanitized and disinfected regularly. Your hygiene and care is our priority. Visit our restaurant and enjoy delicious Italian cuisine served with your favorite wine.

Italian Wine Bar

Crispin’s offers a perfect getaway stop after a hard day at work. Come here to relax and check out our bar. We have a selection of classic Italian wines that you would love. With our beautiful interiors and ambiance, expect a pleasant experience. Whether you are planning a romantic dinner, business meeting, or a cocktail reception, Crispin’s is perfect for almost all occasions. We offer modern Italian cuisine celebrated with Italian classics with a wide variety of salad entrees, Antipasti, Terre e Mare, cocktails, and wines served in a casual, relaxed setting. If you are a wine enthusiast, you would enjoy a lot with our sizable selection from all around the world. In addition to our dining space, Crispin’s includes a wine bar where you can lounge and enjoy your favorite drinks. Crispin looks forward to welcoming you to Crispin’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Join us for brunch or dinner and we will make sure you have a pleasant experience that you would remember for a long, long time.   

Wine And Dine at The Best Italian Wine Bar Restaurant in NYC

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented several precautionary measures to ensure the safety and health of our guests. Our restaurant also includes a wine bar that has a wide selection of cocktails and wines from across the world. So, if you feel like having good Italian food with quality drinks, then Crispin’s is the place to be. With a warm and friendly ambiance, the experience you have at Crispin’s is elevated to another level.

Ensuring The Health And Safety of All Our Guests

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of people across the world. Our wishes are with you. We have re-opened our restaurant taking into account all the required measures and precautions. The pandemonium around the situation has left people wondering if it is safe to go outside or not. Do not worry! Crispin’s strictly ensures all the health requisites are met in our restaurant. We follow all the guidelines as underlined by the department of Health and the US Food and Drug Association. It is safe to eat and drink from outside as the COVID-19 virus is not spread through the digestive system. Otherwise, when you visit our restaurant, we will take care of everything else. 

During these challenging times, we are also doing our bit for the community. While ensuring all the measures with regard to the coronavirus is taken with due diligence, we also make sure you have a pleasant experience at our restaurant. Situated in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, Crispin’s is for a reason the best Italian wine bar in NYC. Not only do we have a selection of classic Italian wines but also a team of experienced chefs that will make your brunch and dinner all the more memorable. Our emphasis has not only been on the food but also the service we provide. At Crispin’s, you will get the highest standard of hospitality and that is the least you should expect from us.

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Hygiene is one of the most essential factors that make any restaurant popular and successful. We have been taking care of that factor even before the pandemic. However, post lockdown we have implemented several other measures to safeguard the health of our employees and guests. Several workplace controls are in order, for instance, all types of equipment and surfaces are regularly disinfected and sanitized, everyone wears masks and proper care is taken about social distancing. With a warm and relaxed ambiance, our wine bar is the place to be after a hard day at work. Meet new people or bring your colleagues or friends along, Crispin’s is the perfect place to hang out. 

We cook food from fresh seasonal produce. Our collection of wines and drinks will surely interest you if you are a wine enthusiast. Our interiors are specially designed in a way to make sure that our guests have the best experience of the bar and quality Italian food. We bring authentic Italian flavors on your plate. The service and hospitality we provide is something we take huge pride in. With all that in mind, we ensure your health and safety by taking all the necessary measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. So, de-stress yourself and plan a nice meal at Crispin’s with your friends, colleagues, family members, or your loved one.

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What Makes us The Best Italian Wine Bar in NYC?

Experience The Best Italian Wine Bar in NYC

It is a better-known fact that there is no better place to find quality wines than Italy. Several great vintages have come out of the country and we make sure you get a chance to try some of them. Italian wines not only continue to have a strong influence over modern tastes but also over the direction of the whole industry as it evolves with the times. We continue to keep in touch with our roots which is why we are one of the top Italian wine bars in NYC. There is nothing like a  good glass of wine to elevate your meal. So, when you are walking into Crispin’s, you expect to have a great experience. We assure you that we will make sure you visit us again and again. After all, what is more, Italian than a glass of wine and a hearty bowl of pasta? Just like our food we ensure that all the wines stocked are created with quality passion and the country’s roots in mind.

Italian wine bars in NYC

Our concept is simple – to provide our guests with a wholesome experience. We do that with quality food, the highest standard of hospitality, hygiene, classic flavors, and an ambiance our guests remember for a long, long time. We want you to experience the essence of the classic Italian cuisine while sticking to the traditional wine and dine format, that all of us love and are so familiar with. Our menu is a perfect selection of modern and traditional Italian delicacies that would surely interest people with a taste for Italian.  What sets us apart from the rest are the ingredients we use; natural, traditional, pure, and genuine. Our food reflects precisely that, it is a symphony of scents and tastes. We also believe that good food does not need to be too elaborate or complex. It is after all the fresh, well-executed, and uncomplicated goodness of ingredients that bring about the best dishes. So, head to Crispin’s and explore the quality Italian wine bar in NYC.

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Crispin’s operates from 12 PM to 11 PM all days Monday, Sunday, and holidays. We serve from a  brunch and dinner menu. We also have a collection of alcoholic beverages and a few great wines for you to sip with your meal.

At Crispin’s, we believe that rather than offering a discount for a group of people, we focus on responsibly providing the best dining experience to each guest who joins us for a meal. Although, on certain occasions, if we do offer discounts, we inform our guests. Call us today to learn more about any current discount’s and other offers.

We make sure that our guests receive the order as soon as it is cooked. Our team ensures that there is a minimum delay between placing the order and serving it. We do not compromise on the quality of the food in any circumstance. The dining experience we offer fills the gap between placing and receiving the order. So, come for the experience and we will make sure you get the best quality food without any delay and an experience you can remember for a long time. 

In our brunch menu, egg benedict, Italian sausage, and pancakes are crowd favorite while in our dinner menu, Bruschetta Ai Funghi, Caesar Salad, and Branzino are some of the most popular dishes that we have.