How to Host a Brunch Safely During The Pandemic

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We are living in an ongoing pandemic that’s still spreading like fire. The exposure was minimal and we were safe when we were stuck in our homes during the lockdown but now that the world is back at its pace, we have to learn to live to this new reality. Social distancing, masks and sanitizers form our new existence. It’s obvious that we have to mold our life according to the new norms.

So, what do you do when you want to hold a small get-together at your favorite brunch restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen in the present state? How do you enjoy quality time with your friends while being safe and hygienic? Well, it may take a little effort but it is possible.

Read along to learn about a few points about how to host a brunch party in a safe setting during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Choose a Restaurant With an Outdoor Setting

If you are holding a brunch, the first thing you need is a location. Don’t just choose a place with good food and an amazing vibe. At the moment, you also need to prioritize the safety precautions. And the most important of these safety precautions is an outdoor setting.

During this time, staying in a closed space with strangers is a call for trouble. So, instead of looking for an indoor setting, make sure that your choice of location has a proper outdoor space for its customers. All the tables should be properly spaced with at least 6 feet distance from each other.  The reason why I’m stressing on choosing an open space is that the WHO has acknowledged that COVID-19 is airborne in an indoor space So, the proper airflow in an outdoor space makes the chances of spreading or contracting the virus much less than in an indoor space. 

Make Sure That The Restaurant Follows All Precautions

Since the nation began lifting the lockdown, every public space is obliged to follow the safety precautions laid down by the public health departments like CDC and WHO. So, while choosing a location make sure that the restaurant follows every single one of the precautions. After all, it is a matter of your safety as well as your guest. Here’s an introduction to a few of these safety protocols.

First, the people preparing your food and handling it should wear proper protective equipment. Their mouth and nose should be covered and everyone should wear gloves while handling the food. The kitchen space should be sanitized frequently throughout the day. Every employee of the restaurant should have a regular temperature check before getting to work. And most importantly, every space in the restaurant space that is frequently touched by people such as door handles, door knobs, tabletops and chair handles should be sanitized or disinfected before and after a new customer arrives or leaves.

Usually, a restaurant makes it known to its customers about the safety precautions that they follow. However, if you are not sure, you can check online reviews or even call the restaurant to have a better understanding.

Make a Checklist For Guests

After your brunch location is sorted, the next step is to prepare your guest list. Now, remember that even though the lockdowns are lifted and the world is getting back to normal, the fact remains that we are still dealing with a pandemic. All the talk about sanitization and social distancing still remains valid. While you can deal with the first part by choosing a good location, the latter depends on you. 

First, make a small guest list. The fewer the people, the easier it is to maintain minimal contact and keep a distance from each other. Also, keep a note about every guest at your get-together. It will help in the tracing process if an infected person shows up at your party.

The next step is to make a checklist for your guests. For starters, ask them to stay at home if they are sick or if they have been in contact with someone who is infected or sick. Let everyone carry their own sanitizers to keep their hands clean before eating and after touching something. Don’t allow a guest into your brunch without a mask. You can keep extra disposable masks to offer someone who didn’t carry one to your brunch.

Wear Masks as Much as Possible

In the current state, getting out of the house without a mask isn’t safe. It is a necessity not only for those who feel sick but also for others. By now everybody knows that COVID-19 can also infect people without them developing any clinical symptoms. There are many asymptomatic patients in the country that risk the safety of others. Wearing a mask ensures that the possibility of infecting or contracting the virus is minimized.

This is why, make sure that all your guests are wearing masks, especially if they are standing less than six feet apart from others. Also, keep the masks on while ordering food or talking to the staff. Remove your mask only when you are eating your meals while sitting at least six feet apart from others. Make sure that all of your guests follow these precautions. 

Maintain a Minimal Touch Environment

COVID-19 spreads either directly through droplets or indirectly by touching an infected surface. So, you have to ensure that each of these possibilities is eliminated.

A mask will make sure that a direct infection doesn’t happen. But what about indirect transmission? That can be avoided by maintaining minimal touch in the setting. Let there be only one server to avoid cross-contamination from infected surfaces. Limit all sorts of physical contact including physical embrace to avoid any chance of getting sick. And while your guests maintain minimal touching of objects in the restaurant, let the staff clean the frequently touched spaces to lower the possibility of spreading or contracting the virus. 

Use Digital Payment Mode

Enough is said about the contagious nature of the novel coronavirus. So, if you want to be safe and avoid getting infected, start from the most basic and easily contaminated object- money.

Most of the coins and dollar bills are a storehouse of different germs, bacteria and even the novel coronavirus. The virus can survive on paper and steel which is why it can easily transmit from money. So instead of going around and sanitizing your money, go digital. Make your payments at the restaurant and other public places using digital money. It is the best way to avoid physical contact and maintain physical distance from others.

I know all these precautions may sound like a hefty task to do for a small brunch or get-together. But, if you want to stay safe while enjoying a cocktail in your favorite brunch restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, these precautions are a must. So, don’t forget about the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic while preparing for a brunch with your friends and family. Keep these points in mind and have a good time while being safe and healthy.

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