Tips to Celebrate a Perfect Romantic Weekend

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In the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to forget the more essential matters of our lives. We are so caught up in our destinations that we fail to appreciate the most important people in our lives. Love may be blind but it is crucial to show gratitude from time to time to keep the fire kindling. So, do not think twice to make your significant other feel special. As folklore says, “There is nothing that reaps of romance and love more than dinner dates.”

When is the last time you swept your partner off their feet?

Whether you want to commemorate a special day or rekindle your seasoned romance, a date in your favorite Italian wine bar in NYC never disappoints. But that should not be it. You should be clear that dinner is simply the beginning of your date.

At Crispin’s, we are hopeless romantic, and we would love to help you. That is why here are some tips that will help you plan an evening that you would like to remember for a long long time. In other words, we will help you plan a weekend that looks like it was curated by cupid itself.

Relax Before Your Big Date

Do you know in the history of time there has not been one person who has said no to the proposal of going for a massage? Yes, there is no better way to start your romantic weekend than a relaxing spa. There is something about the tranquility and peace of the spa that makes the place really romantic. It is a wonderful way to spend time in each other’s company while your body and mind relax.

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship long enough will tell you that you must look for interesting ways to keep the proverbial romance alive. The best part is that it does not cost you diamonds and a half. Spending a day in a relax atmosphere with your partner away from all the stressors of life does wonder for a relationship. Throw in some sessions of pampering art and the two of you are all set to embark on a journey that will invigorate your love senses. Today, a spa date is one of the most famous ways to spend time with your partner. Experience this yourself and you would know why this is so recommended.

Romantic Dinner at Crispin’s

Once you have freshened up from your relaxful spa date, it is time to commemorate the evening at the best Italian wine bar in NYC. Whether you want a sophisticated candlelight dinner in a romantic ambiance or want to experience an intimate dinner under the stars, Crispin’s is the place to be. You would be surprised how beautiful New York City’s night sky looks. With that, Crispin’s promises to keep you enthralled with its authentic Italian flavors. Top it all with quality wines and cocktails, what more do you want?

Ask yourself, is there anything more romantic than the idea of sipping on wine in a dimly lit NYC restaurant or a starlit sky of NYC. Our restaurant is located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, on the corner of 10th Avenue & 52nd Street. The standard of hospitality and service is one of the most essential features of any restaurant. At Crispin’s, we have consciously made an effort to ensure you get a spectacular experience every time. From delivering delicious food at your tables to tending to all your needs, we ensure you receive a wholesome experience at Crispin’s.

We make food with utmost love and soul and serve it with gusto and care. Our authentic Italian dishes will leave you mesmerized and will make sure you take another trip to the corner of 10th Avenue and 52nd street.

These are challenging times and we are making sure that we give back to the community. Your health and safety is our priority and that is why we have ensured that all the key prerequisites are addressed with regard to the coronavirus (we follow all the New York City Health and Safety Guidelines). We have also implemented workplace controls to ensure the health and safety of everyone working in our restaurant. Every member of our staff wears masks and all the equipment and surfaces are regularly sanitized and disinfected.

If you are worried about dining out in the midst of the pandemic, here are some tips to safely enjoy your dinner in a restaurant.

We are all for love. Tell us you are planning a romantic dinner and we will plan an eccentric date night at our place. We will ensure that you create memories that last a lifetime.

Dedicate a Toast

Crispin’s has a curated selection of wines and cocktails that will make your night all the more special. Traditionally, alcohol is used as a digestive. But at Crispin’s, we do suggest you to take a little tinge as an aperitif that will get you going for the night. With all that, it also gives you a splendid opportunity to make a toast.

This elegant gesture will go a long way in making this night so special. The art of making a toast is definitely difficult to master but with good practice, it will add a romantic depth to your date like nothing else. There are so many things that are unsaid. No matter how redundant you may feel or sound, it is time you put words to what you feel about your partner.

At Crispin’s, we welcome you to celebrate your toast at our wine bar, an elegant and charming place that is perfect for occasions like these. The atmosphere in our wine bar is romantic but informal, and with music in the background, your date will definitely have a rhythm.

Capture the Moment

Today, most of us travel for Instagramesque pictures, don’t we? So, why not immortalize your romantic date too?

Just unlock your phone and say cheese!

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